• Announcing the Kuzimu Team! Plus new artwork.

    by  • November 12, 2012 • Art, Blog, News

    Hi guys,


    It’s been a while since the last post, but for good reason. After some try outs and negotiations, I finally have some art assistance, which should speed up the production of Kuzimu 8 no end (and save my sanity!).

    The inking will done by my long-time collaborator and editor, Faye Harmon. I will forever be indebted to her.

    A huge welcome to new Kuzimu alum Mel Mackie, who is taking over on colours. When her test images came back I was stunned by what she added to the art and snapped her up.

    You’ll love the coming issue, it’ll be a very positive milestone in a long journey. To prove its not all hot air either, here’s the first page pencils. Enjoy.


    Til the next time , Brett.


    Collected edition up for Pre-Order now (JUN121309)!!! Issue 1 free on Graphic.ly via 215 ink! http://www.215ink.com/ http://www.kuzimu.co.uk.gridhosted.co.uk/ http://www.graphic.ly/ 'Kuzimu' on Myspace and Twitter! I started writing and creating this world at the age of 15 and have been adding little bits to it ever since! In late '06/early '07 I finally got the energy together to start writing and drawing it seriously as a comic book. Needless to say, the costs of printing it were astronomical, so I decided to publish it myself via my site, then via 215 ink and the online digital comic store at http://graphic.ly/ and now pre-order for print! So now it's down to you- my aim was to create a whole new world, so if you want to see more please buy it. The more you help by getting the latest issue and telling your friends, the more I can put back into continuing to create this unique work! That said, I have just finished part 1 of 'Ci-wa' (face), the next chapter following both parts of 'Yowa' (fear), 'Syoma' (kindness) and 'Lu-se' (hope), so you won't have to wait long for the exciting chapter in this (hopefully) epic tale! In the mean time, you can come and talk to me on Facebook/Twitter/Google+, email me, or better yet visit the site, your local comic store (pre-order only) or graphic.ly and let the comic take you into my world! - Brett Uren


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