• The fan picture that picked me back up

    by  • March 1, 2013 • Art, Blog, News

    If we get real for a moment here, most of us small press guys, whether published by 215 Ink, Markosia or even Image, can hardly have said to have ‘made it’.
    Myself, along with friends like Magnus Aspli, Shawn Aldridge and Fabian Rangel Jr have expressed their lower moments on Facebook and elsewhere on the web.

    But inevitably, its when you are just about out of steam, out of money and out of luck that something happens to pick you up again.
    This picture from a fan in Greece is my moment… and I post it here in the interest of sharing, just as you have.
    I believe, now more than ever that this outpouring and encouragement from fans is half the point to what we do.

    Vol 1 lizard pic


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